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How it Works

How it Works2018-06-27T09:48:33+00:00

Local offices of the Salvation Army, Community Action Centers and Kentucky Home Place screen each application using the federal poverty guidelines.

Approved applicants are assigned to participating doctors in the county where they live. If there is no participating doctor in their county, they are requested to list two alternative counties where they can travel. For guidelines click here.

Participating doctors donate examinations to determine eye health as well as the need for glasses. If the doctor determines glasses are required, a $25 donation is requested for each family member receiving glasses. The voluntary donation helps offset the cost of the lenses, mailing costs and helps to keep the project ongoing.

How to Donate:

No government funds are used in this initiative. To make a donation, you can download a form here.

How to Apply:

You may complete the online application HERE or contact the KVP Office at:

Kentucky Vision Project
P.O. Box 1422
Frankfort, KY 40602
Phone: 800-320- 2406
Fax: 502-875- 3782

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