Linked below are the statutes within the Kentucky Consumer Protection Eye Care Act

(KRS 367.680-690)

KRS 367.680Definitions

KRS 367.6801Short Title

KRS 367.6802: Standards to Operate an Assessment Mechanism

KRS 367.681Contents of Contact Lens Prescription

KRS 367.682Expiration of Contact Lens Prescription

KRS 367.683Verification of Contact Lens Prescription

KRS 367.684Responsibility of Accurate Dispensing – Limitation of Liability

KRS 367.685Prerequisites for Writing Prescription

KRS 367.686Restriction on Sale/Delivery to Kentucky Residents by Nonresidents

KRS 367.687Registration of Nonresident Mail Order Sellers with Attorney General

KRS 367.688Investigation/Registration of Nonresident Dispensers by Attorney General

KRS 367.689Administrative Regulations to be Promulgated by Attorney General

KRS 367.690: Penalties – Hearing – Appeals