Protect Your Sight:

The ability to see is considered by most people as their most important sense. Preserving your eye health and enhancing your vision is the primary goal of Kentucky’s doctors of optometry. Optometrists have dedicated their lives to caring for the eyes of the people of Kentucky.

Protect Your Overall Health:

It is widely recognized by health care professionals that an eye examination provides the best window to assess the body’s vascular health condition. Blood vessels in the retina are visible during an eye examination, and many previously undiagnosed systemic conditions can be found. In fact, the eye is the only place on the body that provides a non-invasive view of blood vessels and nerves. Optometrists truly serve as gatekeepers to the overall health of their patients. Many systemic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, are first found by optometrists during a comprehensive eye exam.

Benefits of Kentucky Optometrists:

Most Kentuckians receive their primary eye care from their local doctor of optometry. Optometrists practice in over 85% of Kentucky counties and are readily accessible.

Optometrists in Kentucky, among other things:

  • Examine your eyes for any vision defects or any eye diseases;
  • Treat and manage eye diseases and injuries;
  • Prescribe glasses, contact lenses, and other devices to enhance your vision;
  • Prescribe medications to treat eye diseases and perform certain surgical procedures;
  • Perform testing to determine your ability to focus and coordinate the eye, judge depth perception, and see colors accurately;
  • Regularly diagnose diseases both of the eye and the body; and,
  • Work with your family physician and other medical professionals to coordinate your care.