April 21st

  • “Compliance, Fraud and Abuse” Hillary Stemple, J.D.

  • “Red Eyes – It’s Just Conjunctivitis…or Is It?” Josh Johnston, O.D.

  • “2020 and Beyond – Surgical Innovations and Updates” Josh Johnston, O.D.

  • “My Head Hurts…Addressing Pediatric Headaches in an Optometric Practice”

April 22nd

  • “Pain Management in the Optometric Practice” Blair Lonsberry, O.D.

  • “Skin Disease and Eye Lids Lesions” Blair Lonsberry, O.D.

  • “Nd: YAG for the New and the Experienced” Ryan Kern, O.D.

  • “Organizing Angle Closure” Ryan Kern, O.D.

  • “Anesthesia and Intradermal Injections” Ryan Kern, O.D.

April 23rd

  • “Around the Globe: Interesting Cases” Vin Dang, O.D.

  • “MIGS Update” Vin Dang, O.D.

  • “Dry Eye Update” Vin Dang, O.D.

  • “Demystifying Ocular Surface Disease” Jill Showalter, O.D.

  • “Recurrent Corneal Erosions: Strategies to Promote Corneal Healing” Jill Showalter, O.D.